Constructing You Podcast

By Elinor Moshe


Constructing You Podcast

Welcome to my new podcast, Constructing You!

The construction and property industries are people industries, after all. 

But who are the people behind the projects; who are the ones who have brought them to life?  

That’s why my new podcast, Constructing You, looks at the people behind the projects, and I’m starting at the top.  I’ll be sharing interviews with exceptional leaders and industry titans with you.  

I’m not only going to find out what they do, but also who they are, and who they’ve had to become to achieve what they have. What does it really take to have an exemplary career in construction and property today? 

Because I want to inspire and ignite you to become not just a technically apt person on projects. I want you to become an exemplary person behind the project, via learning from the people who have already made it. I want you to aim as high as the skyscrapers in your career, and life, by sharing the successful journeys of others so you can see what’s possible.  

There is no other podcast like this, dedicated to helping you build your career, AND yourself in the building industry.  

So are you ready to come on this journey with me? 

Lets go!

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What's the community saying about Constructing You?

 "Hi Elinor, my name is B**** and I am a first year Construction Project Management Student at UTS. I'd like to personally thank you so much for your podcast and the insight your provide! I enjoy listening to your podcast on the way to uni and feel more confident as to what I can expect in the construction industry and the things I need to develop as an individual."


"Hi Elinor, I just wanted to reach out to congratulate and thank you for creating the Constructing You Podcast. 

As a young graduate in the construction industry,  I often can feel a bit overwhelmed when facing the development of my future career. Your podcast is such an incredible resource especially at my stage of progression, providing great depth and variety of insight into all aspects of the construction industry. 

I look forward each week to setting aside some personal time to focus on my place in the industry without the constant intrusion of CV-19 challenges that we are all working through. 

Thank you for providing a down to earth and locally relevant source of inspiration and knowledge for those of us still figuring out our place in construction.  

Looking forward to this week’s podcast!"


"The one take away from Michael Clemenger's episode that's still ringing bells in my ears is to be 'authentic and genuine' in who you are. There are only a handful of podcasts that I look forward to listening when I intend to get fresh insights into the industry. 'Constructing You' is definitely on my list now! Keep adding value to the industry through your content Elinor!"


"Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your podcasts thus far and appreciate the fact that you have insight to the Melbourne building construction sector to what otherwise would be fairly closed off.  Being in the construction industry for about 10 years now under various roles, it would have been invaluable to have listened this podcast as it is highly relatable and useful.  There was definitely no resource like this when I was studying at RMIT.  Keep up the great work!"

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There is no other podcast in the construction and property industry that has the reach and impact of Constructing You.

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