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The foundations to fast-tracking your career in construction

Would you like to learn about what the construction industry is really like?

Would you like to understand the different types of companies, and how this can align with your career?

Would you like to stand out from the competition?

Get insight into what YOU need to do to seek and attain employment?


Stop being invisible in the Australian construction industry?

Then you must keep reading because....

Fast Foundations is the ultimate exclusive workshop to laying strong foundations to building your career and strategically attaining employment.

If you're currently looking to get into the construction, engineering and property industry, and want to fast-track that process in a competitive market, then this is for you. 

Stop wasting time on outdated practices that are not getting you the results you want! Start taking action to learn how to get the results you want!

 I have included everything in the workshop that I wish I had when I was seeking employment and what I should have thought of when I was starting out in industry. It is based on real life experience and industry practice, and not generic stuff you'll find on the internet. The insights you get will save you TIME. 


What's included?

  • One 1.5 hour session on industry insight + Q&A, where you learn about industry sectors, trends, tiers and organizational structures and what entry-level positions really entail!
  • One 1.5 hour session + Q&A on planning your career, from the macro to the micro!
  • One 3 hour session + Q&A on insights into CV writing, networking, interview preparation and online lead generation!
  • Plus, a digital workbook to accompany your sessions including bonuses that are not available anywhere else!


Course Details

Due to the current climate, Fast Foundations will be privately facilitated.

Please email info@elinormoshe.com for your investment and availability.

Fast Foundations Reviews

Here's What Past Attendees Had to Say

"There was nothing that I didn't enjoy. I really appreciated the time and effort that you have taken to provide content in a well thought-out and structured manner. I loved that you were engaging, used real-life examples and encouraged interaction throughout the masterclass." - Alvina

"The advice is pretty impressive and useful. I enjoyed it quite a lot". - Anon

"The mentor (Elinor) was well prepared and she knew what she was talking about The class was informative and it will definitely help me in building my career." - Anon

"Elinor was able to thing from my perspective as a student to help find an entry-level job in the industry. I enjoyed learning insight and useful tips on how to get a job in the industry." Anon

"I love the fact that I got to know a few more students and share experiences to have more perspectives. I am thankful to Elinor and it was a pleasure attending Fast Foundations." Anon

Past Attendee Reviews - 10/10!

Here's what past attendees had to say about Fast Foundations...

Here's what past attendees had to say about Fast Foundations...

Here's what past attendees had to say about Fast Foundations...