Construction Industry Basics - Mentoring Programme

Let's talk about Construction...

Are you considering a career in construction?
Are you unsure about what it could look like?

Do you lack clarity and insight into the industry from reliable, experienced sources?

If this is you, keep reading...

Standing at the outset of the industry looking in is confusing at best. Whether you are starting afresh, or thinking of transitioning, understanding the industry in all its risks and opportunities is imperative to your success.

You could spend months trying to piece together fragmented pieces of information that is also not based in a local context. You could slowly build your network too, to try piece it together. That still won’t provide you with the mentoring required to understand where YOU fit into the industry.

We need to consider;

What aligns with your passions, interests and experience?

Where do you see yourself in five years, and what does that mean now?

And what do you really need to know about construction in order to make an informed decision?

What you need to know

The Construction Industry Basics mentoring programme with me is your fast-tracked pathway to;

Understanding the construction industry, including but not limited to;

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Different stakeholders 
  • Different market sectors 
  • Management of Construction frameworks

And, we also work on identifying your career path and if construction is for YOU, including but not limited to;

  • Skills gap analysis
  • Avenues to transition in 
  • Understanding your WHY and key drivers 

And more.

 If you're ready to fast-track your career, then email for your programme proposal and application.

Accelerate Me - One Hour of Mentoring


Just have a question?

Maybe you just need clarity, conviction and certainty about one particular thing. Whether it's a situation at work, or advice on your next move, let's talk.

To book in a one hour online mentoring session with Elinor Moshe to discuss anything careers in construction, then please email for your investment.