About Me

Hi, I'm Elinor Moshe!

I am the Founder of The Construction Coach, a platform dedicated to helping people build their career in construction via career intelligence and industry insight. 

I too once stood at the precipice of the construction industry, looking in, not knowing where to start and how. It can be daunting and unfamiliar, which is why all the content is here to demystify the industry and help you take your first steps - fast, and with conviction.

I am passionate about supporting talent through the industry. I want to see you win, and fulfill your passions too in the built environment. 

Now for the technical side....

I have been working on project delivery in commercial construction for over six years, and have delivered over $100M of work including new build and fit-out for public and private clients. In 2016, I was awarded the annual Excellence in Project Delivery award during my tenure at ADCO Constructions. I hold a Master in Construction Management, and a Bachelor of Environments (Major in Architecture) from the University of Melbourne. 

I've been a keynote speaker at multiple academic and industry engagements, and have been featured as an industry expert in the Australian National Construction Review. 

Want more?

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